To be a stone when the monsters flock, to strike the back of the neck, to burn the monsters with fire when they are many and we are few, and to keep an Open Hand to those who need help.


I remember the first day I knew what a slave was: the day the masters took my mother away for teaching me strange words, not in the common language. Only in Puddleby did I learn Ghorak Zo, for in the fighting pits of the Empire we spoke only common on pain of punishment. We Ghorak Zo were the strongest gladiators of course, we fought with weapons and we fought with our bare fists. We fought each other and we fought animals. We fought for the crowds and the betting managers. We fought for the favor of nobles and for the nice things to have in our slave quarters.

A boxer, I fought other boxers, and was strong in the ring. Then one day the betting manager told me to lose a bout with a boxer from outside our Fighting Pit. Confused, I asked why. He hit me with his small-whip, just a short stick with knotted leather straps for a lash. I took it from him and showed him what pain was, then strode into the ring and won the bout. Afterward I was seized by the armored guards of the fighting pits, and the bloodied betting manager smiled through his broken face and told me I would not be punished. I would not be killed. I would be exiled, as it was the Emperor's own boxer I had faced, the Emperor himself had lost face that day, or at least one of his underlings. I did not know what this meant, to be exiled. Then I woke in Puddleby.

In Puddleby I pursued the path of the boxer, earning metal gauntlets for punching monsters and animals. Rikki the healer was also new to the lands about this time, which was according to K'vynn on Somdi, the 62nd Day of Autumn 596. One day I met Coldy the Champion, who helped me with training questions. I joined the Open Hands and The Order of Misadventure. Coldy could burn many monsters very well with his Champion fire, and I became also a Champion, and he showed me all things so well I did not learn them very well and to this day cannot pass on much of this learning.

Then Coldy vanished from the lands and for a long time I hunted with Connie Crete, always with the 50% chance of misadventure, which seemed to be always in the death trap of the arachnoids and less often anywhere else. But it seems I did not understand all about the lands for one day I was asked to visit the very nice house and there invited to join the Falinea's Blade, a not old but long-lasting group of exiles. I agreed and on Merdi, the 32nd Day of Spring 621, I became a member.

I once hoped to see my brother Tbox again but perhaps he has died in the Fighting Pits of the Empire.

Also known as:

A box, The Box, but Abox is just Abox.