Beer. Sum skea, sum pf, sum chainin, sum horus when Del needs help, tiny bit o leadin when we moseys insteads o chargin, mini-tank when tha rod needs a recharge.
Still tryin ta git tha purgatory pendent ta work.


2* Fighterhealermystic

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Started guestin bout Summer 547
Joined up bout Summer 552

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Connie, CC, Coinsie, but NOT what Yor says.


A student of everything useless, a few things useful - but not brewing (yet).


Were drunk and washed up on P'by's shores. Tooked ta coinin an continued drinkin.
Stumbled inta sum 'xperienced hunters. Gossip got around and got invited yonder.
Chatted a bit while guestin. Got invited. Hunts with FB fer fun and profit.