Redundancy Specialist, Distance Healing, Raising Falleds, Rod Support, Pathfinding, Translation, and never ever ever ever Leading, Navigating, or Rod Pointing.

FB Member since:

Spring, 559


Healer, Baroness - South Farms Empire, ThoomCare Consulting Physican, Instructor, Training Consultant


After many years searching for her father, Dandelion followed a handsome Sylvan to Puddleby. She was soon joined by her sister following the death of their mother. Having no family left on the mainland, they stayed. Blue Team took Dandelion in and were her new family for many years. During this time, she was made a ThoomCare Consulting Physician and Baroness of the South Farms Empire, trained a bunch of useful things, had a bunch of (mis)adventures, and met and married Sir Ledward Vicious (who has since gone missing). One day, her clan badge previously stolen in a mugging, she was jumped and forced to join Violent Fens by a couple of thugs. Now she prefers to travel in the safety of groups and particularly values the camaraderie of Falinea's Blade.

Also known as:

Late, Fallen, Lost, Hunting Munny Weasels for Boatfare