Horus healer, pathfinder.

FB Member since:

Winter, 542


Delirium washed up on the shores of this island in 541, with no memory of her past, other than a fondness for dragons. She quickly made several friends and found that she enjoyed helping others. Many of those friends belonged to the same clan, Winds of Dawn, so Delirium asked to join. On a hunt, while she was still getting to know the WoD Clan, Delirium got seperated from the group in the marsh and lost her way. Chased by wild beasts, she ran about the marsh until she came across a hut and took refuge inside. The wise old man who lived there offered to train Delirium in the ways of the marsh, and Delirium greatfully accepted, and learned all the old man knew.

Delirium particularly enjoyed helping new exiles, and one of the new exiles she offered her help to was named Lex. Delirium tried to pursuade Lex to become a healer, but Lex became a fighter. Still, they became friends and hunted often together. One day, after a group hunt, Dr. Tessa Malthus asked to talk to Lex and Delirium. Tessa proposed the idea of a tightly co-ordinated group that focused on tactics. Both Lex and Delirium liked the idea, and this group was born, but it didn't have a name. Delirium wanted a name with "Butterflies" in it. We tried out several names, and in the end, it came down to a choice between "Falinea's Blade" and "Falinea's Butterflies." Delirium got out-voted, and the group got it's name.

Delirium has recoved some of her memories, and was drawn to become Luna's Vesper Via. Luna helped Delirium recover even more of her memories, but there is still a hole in those memories. Delirium will gladly tell you of the first thousand years of her life, if you ask. So far, she has found none who have heard of her homeland, and she fears that it was lost to the ravages of time.

Also known as:

Del, Deli.