Killer, chainer, and a bit of everything else.

FB Member since:

Autumn, 547


Primarily a student of Evus with some pathfinding and Loovma thrown in. She is able to assume a variety of roles in a pinch, though she generally defers to those more capable. A lack of defensive training makes her rely heavily on the support of others. As a recent addition to the group, she is still in the process of discovering how best to compliment the other members' capabilities.


Ebony came to the island chain a number of years ago and was fortunate enough to find many wonderful people who helped her find her way around. After spending a fair amount of time deciding on a profession, she chose to enroll in the fighters guild. She worked hard at becoming a better fighter in terms of both training and learning how to move on her feet.

Shortly after she reached the second circle she was struck with a debilitating illness that left her unable to do anything other than study for over a year. Eventually she was able to come out for short periods and get back into fighting shape. Her long stint in the library had provided her with enough knowledge such that the areas with which she was familiar were no longer much of a challenge, yet had also left her without a close circle of peers. She spent some time exploring on her own and trying to make new friends without much success.

Fortunately she stumbled across Falinea's Blade and the group generously allowed her to participate as a guest even though she was weaker than the current members. She worked diligently at showing them that she was able to work well as part of a group and eventually they decided to welcome her as a member. Since that time she has tried to improve her fighting skills to be more in line with the rest of the members and is also making an effort to learn group skills such as leadership and scouting.

Ebony wants to be patient and understanding, but sometimes fails miserably. She can have unreasonably high expectations, but accepts criticism well and will happily apologize if she has said anything hurtful. Knowing that she has a tendency to offend, she tries to choose her words carefully and can sometimes seem inattentive or distracted. Those who are willing to overlook her flaws will find that she will go to great lengths to help them.

Also known as:

Eb (so as not to be confused with E).