Kick me, I'm a what? Where? You want me to do what? Of course, of course...

FB Member since:

Lundi, day 4 of Spring, 557

Also known as:

Kv, K, psst boosts


A student of everything useless, a few things useful - but not brewing (yet).


Background: K'vynn arrived in puddleby on Gradi, day 19 of Autumn, 539. Not content to just heal or fight, he chose his own path to (skip that long path stuff) what he is today. His background includes being a founding members of the Purple Tor clan, Akara clan, and later joining the Hunter clan while becoming more active in the lands. He returned to Akara and soon finds himself welcome in FB. Much more content now (pinch me ladies) as all comes together for him now and always hoping to be on the end of Luna's chains by the end of the hunt.