Hunt Coordinator, Rod Support, Chainer, Runner, Spiritual Consultant

FB Member since:

Winter, 542


Fourth Circle Healer and Priestess of Nox Sorora


Luna came to the Lok'groton islands in the year 539, during her twenty second year.

Suffering much at the hands of the Mad Emperor Mobius, she has vowed to learn all

she can in the healing, fighting and magical arts in the name of vengeance.

Not long after achieving second circle status, she was approached by Dr. Tessa Malthus

and Lex as a possible candidate for a new hunting group, Falinea's Blade.

Under their tutelage and the continued advisement of Jo Ma'ril, she has blossomed into the

healer she has always wanted to be. Though far from legendary, her skills are beneficial in

many aspects of Falinea's Blade's Hunts. Initially wanting to be a balanced healer, Luna

trained heavily with Mistress Eva with a secondary devotion to Master Faustus. She has since

added the regimen of Master Proximus and Mistress Respia that makes her an invaluable

Rod Support Healer. Quick with a soft smile and gentle words, she is heart of FB's diplomacy.

Luna is emphatic about maintaining the ideals in which Falinea's Blade was culminated.

While it is a closed hunting group, she sees it more of a group of like minded individuals

adventuring together in common learning and experience. Falinea's Blade is not about

secrecy or optimizing the member's trainings or ranks. Luna is always willing to talk to others

about Falinea's Blade. If you have questions, please seek her in the lands.