Distance healer, rod point, chainer, wannabee leader.

FB Member since:

Winter, 544


She has a decent amount of Higgrus and Respia, Eva really likes her, and Spiritus thinks she's a nut, but who doesn't!?.

Clothing Style:

She's still hoping for some female Zo pants. Otherwise, anything that makes Yor notice her.


A bit eccentric, quick to jump to conclusions, has a bit of a fiery temper, but is usually fun to be around. Is a very loyal friend, and will do anything to protect one of her own!


Mehan traveled through the mirrors with her parents and her brother, Skirwan, and got stranded on Shan Deral when the mirrors were destroyed. She lived a simple life there, until the day a Sentinel jeered at her and called her "baldy." Skirwan, in his rage, attempted to kill the sentinel, and would have completed his task if the sentinel's posse hadn't showed up. Skirwan was tried and sent to Puddleby for his crimes. As Mehan's father neared death, he asked for his son, and sent Mehan to find him in Puddleby. What Mehan didn't know, was that once you entered Puddleby, it was extremely hard to get out. Mehan found her brother, but he was changed. He was an idiot, a far cry from the smart Zo (yes, smart, shut up) everybody at home knew.

A few years back, Skirwan was murdered, and the perpetrator has yet to be found. His body was found in the badlands, badly chewed, and ... certain body parts missing. Mehan still looks for clues of what happened.

Mehan hopes to one day return to her home on Shan Deral, but doubts there will be anyone there to welcome her. For now, Puddleby is the only home she has.

Also known as:

Meh, TomaZo, Snowflake.